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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Grave stones

8th month 1851: Yearly Meeting minute
Grave stones are to be 18" by 12" by 3" that all such stones be laid horizontally. The graves inscription (are) to be name, age, and date of deceased; that (in) all burial grounds an entire uniformity be observed; that all changes be borne by the monthly meetings; where parties apply for stones to be placed the cost is to be paid (by them).]

12th month 1862: Tottenham Monthly Meeting minute

The Gravestones Committee report:

  • all shall be placed in an upright position
  • shall not exceed 36" long, 24" out of the ground by 18" wide and by 3" thickness
  • that York stone be used, the same finished with an elliptical top
  • inscriptions are to be the name and age of the individual and date of deceased
  • those who wish to have stones shall pay all charges connected therewith.

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