Quaker Man Dressed in Simplicity
300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Quaker merchants

In some places there were small groups of well-educated people who were drawn to Quakers. Education was valued as a true preparation for life in all its aspects. Where the children in these families would have traditionally gone to university and entered "the professions" (law, medicine, etc), these options were barred to Friends because they would not swear an oath. In addition, Friends imposed their own restrictions, disallowing businesses that involved gambling, war/violence or petty fashions. So they chose instead, businesses where they could apply their mind. Insistence upon simple living, frugality and integrity meant that they were willing to work long hours and endure considerable periods of experiment with little reward. Their strong intellect meant they could be innovative. Thus many of the big names in business had Quaker origins: Barclay, Lloyd, Cadbury, Fry, Rowntree, to name just a few.

Quaker Woman