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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers


Many Quaker families became involved in banking through their work as goldsmiths. These included the Freames, the Gurneys, the Backhouses, the Lloyds and the Barclays.

Joseph Freame (son of the founder of the bank Freame & Gould) was a member of Tottenham Friends Meeting. In 1733 he formed a partnership with James Barclay. This partnership, Freame, Gould & Barclay, conducted business in Lombard Street in the City of London. This was the first appearance of the name Barclay in banking.

Their bank was one of among twenty or so banks (including various Gurney banks) that amalgamated in 1896 to form Barclay & Co. Ltd.

Joseph Freame was a fairly active Friend. In 1711 he was clerk of London Yearly Meeting. In 1713 he published Scripture instruction - digested under several sections, by way of question and answer, in order to promote piety and virtue, and discourage vice and immorality, with a preface relating to education. This was a popular book which was later used in the Lancasterian schools as one of their regular text books.

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