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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Famine in Europe

19/9/1920 Minute of Tottenham Meeting
"In view of famine conditions in Europe it has been urged that members seriously consider their luxury expenditure.

"If we really understand the needs of these people, we shall give. It is not merely the amount we can give but the spirit in which the gift is made.

"We must consider whether there is any item of expense in our lives that we can reduce.

"Henry S Green has undertaken to receive any gifts towards the work of the Emergency and War Victims Relief Committee. Members of the Christian Endeavour are encouraged to proceed with their plans for Harvest Thanksgiving services on next First Day, where collections will be made morning and evening for this work."

Stuart Beavis, back in Tottenham after his release from prison, provided a home for two children from the famine area.

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