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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Josiah Forster (1693-1763)

Josiah Forster came to settle in Tottenham in 1751 with his second wife Jane and their eight children. Their last child, Priscilla, was born in Tottenham. Josiah had taught at the Friends' school at Clerkenwell and run his own school in Coventry and later Birmingham

In 1751, Josiah bought a large mansion on the north side of Tottenham Green, Reynardson House. This served as the family home and as the school he opened in 1752, Forster's School (a boarding school for boys). This began the long connection of the Forster family with Tottenham.

Reynardson House was a spacious, brick-built house standing in grounds of about thirty acres. It was originally built in 1590 and was home to Albert Reynardson, Mayor of London.

Forster's School quickly became well established and Quakers from all over the country sent their children here. The school room was held in what had originally been the ballroom (about 20 by 30 feet).

Josiah died of consumption in 1763.

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