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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Forster's School continues

Thomas Coar lived in the Old House (Coar's House; later known as Eaton House) on Tottenham Green (the site of the old Town Hall, now used as the Citizens' Advice Bureau. It is likely that Thomas moved the school to his own house.

Under Thomas Coar, the school flourished, continuing to uphold the fine reputation it had first gained under Josiah Forster.

Thomas married Priscilla Forster (Josiah Forster's daughter) in 1784 and so became even more closely involved with the Forster family.

Upon his retirement (around 1826) Thomas gave up the school to his nephew, Josiah (grandson of the school's founder). Josiah was already running his own school in Southgate and he moved this school to Tottenham, teaching there until his retirement in 1826. At this point the school was closed.

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