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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Eagle House

Another private Quaker school in Tottenham opened in the early nineteenth century. It was a preparatory school for boys aged five to ten. This was run by Deborah Forster (daughter of Josiah Forster who founded Forster's school). Thomas Coar's daughters, Frances and Priscilla, both taught at the school. It is unclear whether the school was held on the premises of Coar's school or in Eagle House.

Eagle House stood on the Green between Old House and Grove House. There were twenty boarders and some day pupils. The day pupils were not the sons of Friends, but attended Tottenham Church.

Frances and Priscilla were described as "kind, calm and considerate; Frances had little sense of humour but was sensible and Priscilla made hasty judgments". Both were strict disciplinarians, but punishments were mild, the severest being to sit still and silent for half-an-hour at playtime. The boys engaged in plenty of outdoor activities; they played ball games, flew kites, tended small gardens and walked across the fields to Bruce Castle and Mount Pleasant. As a treat the boys went "down Tottenham to buy skipping ropes and small coloured cakes from the shops".

(Theodore Compton 1893 Recollections of Tottenham Friends and the Forster Family)

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