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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Forster Cottages

Josiah and Rachel Forster had four cottages built on Philip Lane in 1860. These were built on former orchard land and were to be

"occupied by persons, the inhabitants of Tottenham for not less than one year, who shall have resources to maintain themselves with some degree of comfort in the cottages. Preference is to be given to widows or unmarried women of 55 or upwards, but also men with their wives or husbands to continue after the decease of their wives. No undue preference is to be given to members of the Society of Friends.".

The accommodation was a living room with a bed space, a kitchen and an entrance lobby. The original Trustees were Josiah Forster, his wife Robert, his sisters Mary, Ann, Sarah and Elizabeth, and his nephew William Edward.

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