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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Luke Howard: philanthropy and religion

Much of Luke Howard's leisure time was devoted to philanthropic or religious work. He wrote tracts against profane swearing (1811) and on temperance and the proper treatment of animals. He was a zealous worker against slavery. He was a committee member of the Society Against Capital Punishment and the Society Against Cruelty to Animals. He was also a committee member of the African Institution and the Lancasterian School in Borough Road.

Luke helped to raise money to help German refugees of the Napoleonic Wars, earning a medal from the King of Prussia. He also helped the Greeks in their struggle for independence.

In 1828 Luke moved to Ackworth, Yorkshire, but always considered Tottenham his home. He returned to live with his son in Bruce Grove in 1837. Mariabella died in 1852 and Luke in 1864. Both are buried in Tottenham Cemetery. Towards the end of his life he left Quakers to become a Plymouth Brethren.

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