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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Hannah Kilham (1774-1832)

Hannah Kilham (born Hannah Spurr) was brought up in Sheffield. She became a member of the Society of Friends in 1803. She first came to live in Tottenham in 1820.

In 1820 she persuaded a group of friends from Tottenham to go with her down to the River Thames where a ship had arrived from the Gambian coast. She wanted to find out if there were any who might be prepared to remain in England and help her transcribe their own languages for the first time. Two of them, Sandanee and Mahmadee, agreed to stay and Tottenham Friends raised money for board and lodgings. Hannah wanted to teach them English and in return get them to teach her Walof and Mandingo. Hannah wanted to write the languages down for the first time, produce dictionaries, grammar books and school books in those languages. The ultimate plan was for the two men to set up schools in Gambia.

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