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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Tottenham Friends Meeting House

Meetings for worship were originally held in people's homes. In 1698 the home of a Friend, Francis Clare, was used. Later a house was hired at Tottenham High Cross. At this time Meetings for Worship were held alternately with Stoke Newington.

Through the 1700s many Quakers moved into the area.

Friends decided to build a Meeting House. In 1714 a piece of freehold land was purchased for 25

"in size 50 ft. in breadth north to south and in depth 140 ft east to west, abutting west on Tottenham street.".

A meeting house has been on the site ever since.

The first Friends Meeting House was built at a cost of 200. The specifications of the building demanded that it should be 40ft by 25 ft,

"its foundation and structure to be substantial. The front to be with grey and stock bricks, the scantlings to be large, the windows sashed and portals to the doors, the wainscoting to be like other Meeting houses."

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