Quaker Man Dressed in Simplicity
300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

Thomas Shillitoe (1754-1836)

Thomas Shillitoe joined the Society of Friends as a young man. For this he was disowned by his father. He had a profound belief that his life was completely directed by divine guidance. He gave up working as a clerk in a banking-house in Lombard Street because conscience troubled him when he had to issue lottery tickets as part of his work.

In learning a new trade, shoemaking, to which he believed he was 'directed', he suffered financial hardship. The strain of this made him ill and on medical advice he left London and came to Tottenham, where his health improved and his business prospered. In 1779 he married Mary Pace. They had seven children. He was an active member of Tottenham Meeting. He was recorded a minister in 1790. His ministering took him all over the British Isles, to Europe and to North America. He visited drinking houses in Ireland and a notorious gang of outlaws in Bristol He spoke with George III, George IV, Tsar Alexander I of Russia and other heads of European states.

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