Quaker Man Dressed in Simplicity
300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

You ask what is it to be a Quaker,
... some Tottenham Friends respond

When I talk to people about Quaker faith, I tend to say that all good religions lead to the same God.
We are basically Christian but not all Quakers believe in God. We have not set dogma or creeds. We believe everyone has a direct relationship with God, so we don't need priests. We believe everyone has that of God within them and try to act on that basis.
Quakers believe in looking for God in all people and in living a life that minimise harm. Thus the fundamental starting point for Quakers is how we live our own life. The emphasis is on seeking truth and understanding, equality of all people, simplicity and promoting peace. For most Quakers, this implies a commitment to non-violent resolution of conflicts. Quakerism grew out of Christian theology in the 17th century. Many of the principles have a Christian foundation and most Quakers recognise the link with Christianity, but the principles are much broader than Christianity and thus some Quakers do not consider themselves to be Christian, but draw teaching from other religions.
Being a Quaker is a way of life based upon our testimonies: truth, simplicity, equality and peace. I share the die of "God in everyone" that no matter how terrible a person may appear to be, God resides in them too. For those still interested in hearing more, I would describe our (i.e. in Britain) way of worshipping, waiting upon the silence to move one to speak.
I describe a meeting for worship in silence and hope that the seed will sprout.

Quaker Woman