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300 years of Quakers in Tottenham

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Tottenham Quakers

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Exhibition Plan
This site contains the text from an exhibition held at Bruce Castle Museum, London N17 to mark the 300th anniversary of Quakers in Tottenham (October/November 1999).

Beginnings of Quakerism
How did Quakers begin?
The message
Spread of ideas
Friend or Quaker?
Quaker record-keeping
Toleration Act and beyond

Early Quakers in Tottenham
George Fox and Tottenham
Tottenham 1700
An early Tottenham Quaker
Tottenham in the 17th century

Quaker Businesses
Quaker trades
Quaker merchants

Priscilla Wakefield
Priscilla Wakefield (1751-1832)
Priscilla Wakefield the writer
Priscilla Wakefield the philanthropist
Penny Savings Bank

Early Development of Tottenham Meeting
Meetings for Worship
Tottenham Friends Meeting House
Meeting Houses
Tottenham 1789
Expansion: changing membership

Thomas Shillitoe
Thomas Shillitoe (1754-1836)
Thomas Shillitoe's ministry

Tottenham 1800s
Rebuilding of the meeting house
Tottenham 1840
Tottenham Monthly Meeting 1851
Tottenham 1872
Football in Tottenham
Tottenham Meeting 1890s

Burial ground
Burial ground
Grave Stones

William Dillwyn
William Dillwyn (1743-1824)
Abolition of Slavery

Josiah Forster
Josiah Forster (1782 –1870)
Forster Cottages
Forster Cottages now

William Forster
William Forster (1784-1854)
William Forster in America
Famine in Ireland + Anti-slavery campaign

William Edward Forster
William Edward Forster (1818-1886)

Quakers and Education
Quakers and education
Josiah Forster (1693-1763)
Jane Forster's School for Boys
Forster's School continues
Eagle House
Grove House School
Adult schools
Lancasterian School

William Allen
William Allen (1770-1843)
William Allen the philanthropist

Luke Howard
Luke Howard (1772-1864)
Naming the clouds
The climate of London
Luke Howard and Goethe
Luke Howard: philanthropy and religion

Hannah Kilham
Hannah Kilham (1774-1832)
Hannah Kilham: visit to the Gambia

The Phillips Family
Thomas Phillips (1730-1797)
The Phillips family
John Phillips (1803-1894)
Mary Elizabeth Phillips (1840-1922)
Ellen Phillips

Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard (1834-1906)

Tottenham 1900s
A new century approaches
Tottenham 1900s

Conscientious Objection the World Wars
Conscientious objection
Death sentence for refusing to fight
Fred Murfin
Prison Conversation
Alfred Taylor
Famine in Europe
World War II

Arthur Riches
Arthur Riches
Arthur Riches in Rhodesia

Iris Harris
Iris Harris (1909-1993)

New Meeting House 1960s
A new meeting house

Quakers in Tottenham Today
Quakerism in the 1990s
Today's Meeting in Tottenham
How do we let our lives speak, today?
You ask what is it to be a Quaker, ...some Tottenham Friends respond
A thought from a Tottenham Quaker

Quaker Marriages
Quaker marriages

Quaker Dress
Plain dress
Cloaks and shawls
Changing patterns of dress
Simple dress for men
The Griselda Aggs Fox Collection

The Quaker Tapestry
The Quaker Tapestry

The contents of the Dressed in Simplicity web site are based on an exhibition held in October/November 1999 at Bruce Castle Museum in Totteham marking 300 years of Quakers in Tottenham. We are grateful to the following for their help in putting the original exhibition together:

silhouette of a Quaker Woman