Tottenham Quaker quiz

  1. When and where did Quakerism begin? 
  2. What was "hat honour"? 
  3. What did Quaker women wear under their hoods or bonnets? 
  4. Who was Tottenham's first Member of Parliament? 
  5. When were Quakers first appearing in Tottenham? 
  6. What was the purpose of the Penny Savings Banks and who founded the first one? 
  7. Which banks carry Quaker names? 
  8. What was the purpose of the African Institution? 
  9. Which old Quaker family has a street named after them in Tottenham? 
  10. Name a Quaker woman who was active in prison reform? 
  11. What were the names of some Quaker schools in Tottenham? 
  12. Which Quaker was responsible for giving names to clouds (names we still use today)? 
  13. Which Quaker family lived on Broadwater Farm when it was still a farm? 
  14. What is a conscientious objector? Name one Tottenham Quaker who was sentenced to death for being a CO. 
  15. Who was the first president of the Pharmaceutical Society? (yes, another Tottenham Quaker)
  16. What were the names of the Gambians who worked with Hannah Kilham to develop the dictionaries, grammar books and school books in African languages. What languages did they speak? 
  17. Who founded the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children? (Guess what. Two more Tottenham Quakers)