Other websites you may wish to visit

  1. Britain Yearly Meeting (
    The web site of Britain Yearly Meeting. Links to service departments and Quaker Meetings on the Web. Includes answers to frequently asked questions about Quakers.
    Probably the largest Quaker web site on the Internet.
  3. Online Meeting for Worship (
    An experimental way of taking part in Quaker worship whereever you are. Individuals around the world suggest times for a meeting for worship and then others join in.
  4. Lordsmead Budget (
    This is a website dedicated to John Eliot Howard, an early Tottenham Quaker, and his descendants.
  5. North London Interfaith (
    A network of faith and and interfaith groups in North London. Aims to break through barriers of ignorance and prejudice so that harmonious living in a multifaith society becomes a reality.
  6. Dressed in Simplicity: 300 years of Quakers in Tottenham (
    An online exhibition of Tottenham Quaker history based on an exhibition held at Bruce Castle Museum in October/November 1999.